Amy's journey to founding Brave Girl Boutique is truly inspiring. A single mom who defied odds and embraced challenges with putting her faith in front of her and her fear behind her. Amy transitioned from a high-pressure corporate career to pursue her lifelong dream in her hometown of Stockbridge, WI. Stockbridge, with just 649 residents, holds a special place in Amy's heart. Through Brave Girl Boutique, she brings unique, inclusive, and trendy women's clothing to her community and creates a beacon of pride for the town.

Amy has been part of the fashion world since high school, where she was known for her love of style. Understanding the complexities of body types firsthand, she knows how crucial it is to feel confident in what you wear. Amy empathizes with her customers' struggles; as someone who fits a medium on the bottom and an L/XL on top, she delights in helping them find clothes that complement their unique shapes.

Beyond Stockbridge, Amy is expanding her vision. Brave Girl Boutique now reaches beyond Wisconsin with an online presence, spreading its message of bravery and inclusivity far and wide. Amy's personal style is eclectic, and she adores rompers and playful fashion choices. Her aesthetic inspires customers of all ages, proving that style knows no bounds—even for brave grandmas like Amy.

Brave Girl Boutique

At Brave Girl Boutique, honesty is key. Amy prides herself on offering genuine, supportive advice to her customers, ensuring everyone leaves feeling stylish and empowered. For Amy, Brave Girl Boutique isn't just a shop; it's a testament to resilience, a celebration of individuality, and a beacon of bravery for all who visit its doors or browse its online store.

With a size range of small to 3X Brave Girl provides unique, inclusive and on trend women's clothing! There is something fun for EVERYONE. In addition, Brave Girl offers a curated selection of gift items, great accessories, and seasonal shoes.

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